About The Kitty!

Hi! I'm Kenzie! I'm a nonbinary bisexual (they/she) who draws and enjoys movies and vidaya games!! i also like cats, robots, mimes, etc etc!

One day, i'd like to become a graphic novelist or a cartoonist. For now i am working on my skills and enjoying what life has for me!

I have a lot of interests! if you wanna know more about them, check out my listography!! it updates occasionaly! ^^


If you can't tell by my site, i really like The Jon from SPG XD he means a lot to me and is one of my big comfort characters! he's helped me through a lot of tough shit and I love him so much!!

here's a page dedicated to my fictional boyfriends

My The Jon Shrine!

here's a page for my cat, Peach.